Project Mangement Office for biotech & pharma


What we do

A Project Management Office creates and maintains standards for project management. FloatControl is specialized in the biotech en pharma industry and has developed several unique processes and tools which ensure project excellence.

We cover 20 years of experience within pharma in departmental planning, clinical PMO, project management and program management. We covered all research and development phases. Our strenght lies within critical path management and building smart tools for project management. All work is performed accordingly to IPMA-PMO standards.

How we do it

We create and manage network plannings and custom-made tools which make all different filtering, analysis and reports possible. We make use of Goldratt's principles to have a clear overview of the critical path and reduce it. You'll be entering the market sooner. For example take a look at our in-house developed "Progress process" which ensures the shortest critical path possible or our "Projecttrack" which summarizes all important project changes for the project manager.

What we offer

All big pharma uses PMO-departments and we make it possible for you too! No matter what size or development stage you are in: we offer the same functionaility for 1 up to 40 hours per week.

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