Planning management for SMEs


What we do

In our 20 year experience we have assisted innumerable project managers, program managers and company owners with project planning. The common denominator was efficient planning management with useable outputs. The overviews consisted of filtered and orgnized activities with the available float and the project milestones.

How we do it

Improved process, with project manager. Eliyahu Goldratt did have explanations and offered solutions to stabalize and even speed-up projects - he invented the critical chain method.

Although most project managers know MSProject a bit, building a planning according to IPMA-standards is another story. The knowledge of how to use Goldratt's method is even more rare. FloatControl has improved Goldratt's method and also made it much more usable. We provide the tools to the project manager to have the shortest critical path possible. This will save time of your project manager, improve planning stability and shorthen your Time-to-Market For example take a look at our in-house developed "Progress process" which ensures the shortest critical path possible or our "Projecttrack" which summarizes all important project changes for the project manager.

What we offer

All big pharma uses PMO-departments and we make it possible for you too! No matter what size or development stage you are in: we offer the same functionaility for 1 up to 40 hours per week.

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