Project Management Office for Health & Life Sciences

Time-saving tools for project management

The tools we've developed not only save valuable time by grouping and filtering data, but they also help to decide where to focus to. In fact the functionality is similar to expensive project management software. All tools can be customized to your special needs, but a general version is also available to use immediately. We've ranked a few below, but keep in mind all data formats could be the source and all kind of tooling is possible (for example timewriting-tracking, tracking of lab samples, compare milestones of different sources, et cetera). Just send us an e-mail or give us a call.

Trackcell and Projecttrack are not restricted to biotech & pharma. Every updated plan in MSProject, Excell or other program can be compared to the status before the update.


Most CROs provide updates via Excell-sheets. Trackcell will identify the changes for you, so you don't have to struggle through the data. The output can be in a summarized Word or Excel-file highlighting the changes. We could also highlight the important changes and hide the less important (you have to indicate which field you would like to track if you would go for this option).


ProjecTrack is a reporting tool which compares the planning before and after an update. The report contains a section on the deadline(s), one on important activities (to be specified by the client) and one which displays other activities with a shift of more than two weeks. It's optional to add addenda with deleted or added activities.

Recruitment predictor

With this tool we predict the best and worst case recruitment of each individual patient as indicated by the sites. We distuinguish on country (duration of approvals & translation time), site (specific procedures, maximum patientcap per site) and range (often a site indicates a range). When a site indicates a recruitment of 2 patients a year, we calculate with the patients being recruitment on day 1 and 183 versus 182 and 365. The overall graph will clearly indicate the expected recruited patients with the range at any time of the trial. Actual recruitment rates can be added to the model and a gap analysis for each PI can be done as different what-if scneario's.
"Recruitment predictor"

Stand alone tools

We have developed BoardView as a stand alone tool that can be used to create gantt charts in Excel. MSProject can be used as input. "BoardView"