When deadlines matters

How FloatControl adds to your project manager

Projects won't go according to plan and although project managers have the basic skills to manage a planning, the knowledge of Goldratt's critical chain management is rare. FloatControl has improved Goldratt's method and as such is able to provide the shortest critical path possible. So if deadlines matter to you, you should hire us. Our method prevents project delay and negative side effects. More background of this "progress-process" can be found here "Progress process".
Planned vs Reality

Project Management Office for biotech & pharma

FloatControl is an IPMA-PMO certified company for the biotech and pharmaceutical industry. We offer PMO-services for every company and are happy to help you out once, occasionally or routinely. We create and manage project planning processes and create unique tools that save you time and provide focus. We're specialized in breaking down the critical path and provide you the tools you need to meet milestones or even bring them forward.
Some examples of our services are:

  • Process mapping for discovery, research & development programs
  • Progress management with critical path analysis
  • Resource management with peak leveling
  • Custom-made tools which help to analyze and focus


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