Project Management Office for Health & Life Sciences

Stijn Muller, the founder of FloatControl, has over 20 years experience in planning & tracking of pharmaceutical and biotechnical processes. He is highly specialized in project planning and is able to create an effective and easy to read planning of complex projects quickly. The more departments, parties or stakeholders involved, the higher the impact of schedule management.

Interfunctional planning

An interfunctional planning is essential for project management. Stijn has got a lot of experience in combining different expertises in one integrated project planning and in creating easy to read, indidual, custom-made overviews.

Planned vs Reality

Projects never go as expected

Projects won't go according to plan and delays are often entitled as unforeseen and uncontrollable events. The good news is that planning management provides project control and hence prevents delays.

Next to the planning, Stijn is specialized in analysing the progress-data of the trial, study or process and organizes the important information for the project manager. For example with the "Projecttrack" report which prioritizes changes in planning after an update.

We ensure no activities are missed the project, save loads of time for the project manager and have the project manager always in full control of deliverables, timelines, resources & budget.

In the following situations FloatControl can help you out

  • You want to map out a process to be sure you won't forget something.
  • You want your project manager to spend more time to items he/she knows best.
  • You want to have a shorter Time-to-Market.
  • You want tools that analyse your processes and save your team time.

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